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General Air Conditioner (AC) available at best price in BD

General Air Conditioner (AC) is a very known name in Bangladesh. General is also known as Fujitsu General and they are a Japanese-Indian collaborative Air Conditioner (AC) manufacturing brand. Although they are now operating from Chennai. Due to their convenient design and Affordable pricing General Air Conditioners are gaining popularity in recent years. This Air Conditioner Manufacturer makes both windows and Split Air conditioners. Although most General Air Conditioner (AC) available in BD is Inverter Split AC.

Smart Features are Used in General Air Conditioner (AC)?

Now we have mentioned earlier, General Air conditioners (AC) are rising in popularity due to their modern aesthetics and affordable price tag. But the reason Why General Air Conditioner is a household name is a few smart features used in a general AC. Here we will briefly walk you through all the special features found in a General Air Conditioner (AC)

Interchangeable Heat and cold temperature

General Air Conditioners are equipped with Interchangeable Heating sensors; which alongside providing cold air during summer; can also heat up a room during winter.

Human Sensor

General Air conditioners feature an embedded Sensor that can detect the number of humans present within a room. After that, it adjusts the cooling setup as needed. It detects any movement done by people in the room and when people leave the room it adjusts itself to operate on the lower capacity for energy savings. If there is a large assembly of people inside a room it amps up the performance for maximum cooling.

V-PAM Inverter Technology

General AC models from the ASGG series have the V-PAM inverter compressor that adjusts the frequency as per the ambient atmospheric conditions. This ensures comfortable cooling and efficiently manages power consumption. The term V-PAM stands for vector-controlled pulse amplitude modulation which is a Thermo-Electric technique for minimizing electrical loss. It is done by improving the current waveform into a sinusoidal waveform. V-PAM inverter technology reduces the effect of magnetic flux which actually results in power loss. It also enhances the speed of the inverter compressor which translates into faster room cooling. The compressor used in new inverter split AC models by General electronics comes equipped with a 2-cylinder rotary compressor. This Setup can work even at a high temperature like 52 degrees Celcius. This Inverter Technology can be found in only General’s Inverter Split AC. The compressor is always on but draws power depending on the temperature of the incoming air alongside the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor are adjusted accordingly.

Why choose the General Air Conditioner (AC)?

In case you are wondering why should anyone choose the Air Conditioner(AC) from General there are a few good reasons. Here we will briefly walk you through a few key points for why you should buy the General Air Conditioner.

Excellent build quality with premium materials

General Air Conditioners has an Excellent Build quality. Every internal part is made up of good quality materials like Sturdier fins, ABS plastic, Fire retardant components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts, and special polyurethane coating. Resin is used in the outer part to remove the squeaking sound. The outer panel is removable and washable.

Very Low Power Consumption

General Air Conditioners are well known for their low power consumption. It will automatically save a lot of power in Prolonged usage. A General Air conditioner (AC) has an EER or energy efficiency ratio above 10. This automatically reduces the power cost. A General Air conditioner (AC) has a high-efficiency DC motor with a Lambda Type heat exchanger which results in the high efficiency of the General Air Conditioner (AC).

Easy Maintainable Air Ions Deodorising Filter

General Air conditioners (AC) come with a negative air ion deodorizing filter to deodorize air before circulating. This process removes the unpleasant odor present in the negative air ions. Additionally, it also helps in removing dust and germs from the air making it clean. These filters are easily removable and washable.

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