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Inverter Refrigerator

Vacuum-Sealed For Food Freshness

Vacuum Compartment


The Secret to longer-lasting freshness is reduced oxygen levels. hitachi's original vacuum preservation extract air to maintain approx. 0.8 atm(atmospheric pressure) . The meat , fish and dairy products are kept fresh and nutrious, and ready to cook without defrosting.

Refreshing Technology Maintains 0.8 atm Vacuum*

Hitachi innovation at its finest and most consistent: the sealed pressure-resistent vacuum releases and maintains the vacuumed environment.A vacuum pump extracrts air reduces oxygen to achive approx 0.8 atm  throughout usage.

*Vacuum means the space where the pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the Vacuum Compartment is about 0.8 atm,which is lower than the atmospheric pressure , hence , Hitachi considers this a vacuum. 

Flexible Storage

Selectable Zone

The Selectable Zone feature allows you to customise mode settings based on your storage and lifestyle needs.

Fresh Vegetables with Organised Storage

Separate Vegetable Compartment

For long-lasting freshness, each of the cases maintains the moisture of the food at the optimum level of approx. 90%* with indirect cooling. And the completely separate compartments are always full of clean air with no transferred odours thanks to the Triple Power Filter.

Optimal Storage

Select Case (Dry Food - Vegetable)

Select based on your storage needs.
Ideal for preserving dry food or vegetables.

Powerful Deodorisation

Triple Power Filter

Triple Power Filter removes odour components and removes bacteria 99%.

Clean Ice Automatically Made for You

Ice cubes can be made automatically and continuously simple by filling the tank with water. When you want to make your ice quickly, switch the Quick Freezing mode ON which can make the ice approx. 24% faster.

* Tested by Hitachi. Comparison between Quick Freezing mode ON and OFF.

Powerful Cooling

When you want to cool quickly and powerfully, switch the Quick Cooling mode ON which cools approx. 29%* faster.

* Tested by Hitachi. Comparison between Quick Cooling mode ON and OFF.

Big yet Easy to Use

The often-used refrigerator compartment is positioned at the top for easy use and offers a wide field of vision. Even with a lot of food stored, with the neat storage compartment, a glance is all you need to see everything, so it’s easy to put in and take out items.

Premium Design

Sleek refined flat doors with recess handles,seamlessly blend into your home interior for an elegant harmonious look

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Terms & Conditions

Commitment towards customer service. For ensuring commitment & customer’s satisfaction, our company has deliberated “100% Quality Assurance & service Excellency” through two steps solution as below:



Quality Assurance (1 to 1 replacement within 7 days): If any product found manufacturing fault which is beyond repair within 7 (Seven) days from the actual date of product purchase than company shall directly replace 1 to 1 basis following below mentioned terms & conditions.


Terms & Conditions:

1. Company authorized technical person shall validate the claim through physical inspection of the product
2. Only for manufacturing fault which is beyond repair shall be applicable for such replacement (any aesthetic/Accessories related claim shall not be eligible)
3. Original Proof of purchase (Valid Warranty Card & Cash Memo/Invoice) should be submitted
4. Aesthetic condition of the product should be okay, original accessories and Carton need to be preserved carefully
5. In case of non-availability of same product/model; alternate product/model(s) at same price range or higher (by paying additional payment) will be offered.



Standard After Sales Free Warranty Services In the second steps, Company shall provide standard for sales warranty services (as per warranty declaration) which are:

1. Transcom Electronics Limited- Customer Service Department has own Call Center facility with dedicated agents to ensure one point & one call solution (Help Line No. 16212 or 09613700700). System automated Technician schedule SMS should ensure to customer within an hour from job Registration time. (From 9:00 AM to 9:00pm)

2. TouchPoint/Standard Call Center Service: Considering customer comfort, the company has established service “Touch Point” facilities with all of Transcom Digital Retail Outlets across the country.

3. Home Call Service: TAT-1-2 Days (Within 48 hours) Having Home Call Service facilities within the Dhaka/Chittagong Metropolitan City & District Head Quarter areas particularly for Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Hi-End TVs, Home Theater & CTVs-above 21”

4. Workshop Service: TAT-3-5 Days Workshop service is also available other then Hi-end products across the country (Districts Head Quarter level).

5. Free Pick-up & Drop service (within 1 year of purchase) Providing pick-up and drop facilities within the Dhaka/Ctg. Metropolitan City areas & District Head Quarters for Hi-End products like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Hi-End TV & CTVs-above 21”

6. Backup product support service: Case-to-case basis backup product support service is also available for Dhaka/Ctg. Metropolitan City areas subject to delay service (above 15 days from the date of Job received) due to some unavoidable circumstances specifically product like Refrigerator, Freezer, Hi-End TV, Home Theater & CTV-21” & Above.

7. Out of Warranty Job- In case of repeated failure in paid repairing job, Warranty will be applicable for Service & repeated / same defective part only. (i.e, If within the 3 months of above period, if customer has checked or repaired the product from unauthorized party, in such case above 3-month warranty would be Void.

  • In case within the period of 3 month, if other spare parts fail, in such case customer has to pay for both Service and Spares Parts charges. 3-month Parts warranty would be applicable, only if complete amount has been paid by customer during 1st out of warranty call/ job.

8. Exchange Offer Service: Transcom Electronics Limited has been providing “Exchange Offer” service of electronics/appliances product for any of interested customer for their convenience. Under exchange offer, any of interested customers can exchange their old/defective electronics product and get new one against exchange product.

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