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Hitachi Side By Side Refrigerator | R- M820VAG9PBX(GBZ) | 633L

SKU: 911322 Model: R- M820VAG9PBX(GBZ)
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Product Information

Vacuum-Sealed For Food Freshness

The secret to longer-lasting freshness is reduced oxygen levels. Hitachi’s original vacuum preservation extracts air to maintain approx. 0.8 atm (atmospheric pressure).The meat,fish and dairy products are kept fresh and nutritious , and ready to cook without defrosting.

Refreshing Technology Maintains 0.8 atm Vacuum

Hitachi innovation at its finest and most consistent: the sealed pressure-resistant vacuum realises and maintains the vacuumed environment. A vacuum pump extracts air and reduces oxygen to achieve approx. 0.8 atm (atmospheric pressure) throughout usage.

Designed to Convenience

Auto Door

Auto door technology provides a delightfully easy door opening experience like never before. Even when your hands are full, or the door is fully packed and heavy, there are two ways to open it up for you with a single touch.

Touch Screen Controller

Flat glass panel controls let you change the settings with a simple touch. And a wipe is all it takes to clean the tempered glass surface.

Breakthrough Energy Saving

VIP – Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology

VIP is a thin panel with a very fine glass fibre vacuum inside, giving an extremely high heat insulation performance - much higher than that of Urethane, It prevents external heat from escaping to achieve exceptional energy savings. Cooling retention is 15 hours, with the highest heat insulation performance during power cut.

Energy Saving 

Clean Water from Bottled Water

Tank Type Ice & Water Dispenser

Just pour mineral or other purified water into the 3.2L water tank. Serves you iced water and automatically makes ice for you. No troublesome plumbing is required, and you can install the unit virtually anywhere.

Powerful Deodorisation

Triple Power Filter

Triple Power Filter removes odour components and removes bacteria 99%

Fresh Vegetables

Separate Vegetable Compartment

For long-lasting freshness, each of the cases maintains high humidity at the optimum level of approx. 90% with indirect cooling. And the completely separate compartment is always full of clean air with no transferred odours thanks to Triple Power Filter.

Elegant Interior Design

The refrigerator interior is designed elegantly, yet gives a convenience with bright, energy saving LED, elegant bottle and wine shelf, and extra storage space. The Aluminium panel gives a tint of luxury to the bright compartment.

Powerful Cooling

When you want to cool quickly and powerfully, switch the Quick Cooling mode ON which cools approx 19% faster

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Hitachi 12 Months EMI.,
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Service-24 M, Parts-12 M, Compressor-120 M
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